Next generation cloud services - business class cloud services

In a first of its kind collaboration, Cisco and TeliaSonera are working together to provide corporate customers with a new cloud service.

Through this cooperation, Cisco and TeliaSonera will jointly market and sell next generationBusiness Class Cloud Services cloud services for businesses which focus on productivity tools.  The virtual meeting service is amongst one of the new services.  This service enables you to participate in meetings remotely from the mobile phone, share and work on common documents, record meetings and watch them on demand. It also provides the convenience of dialing-in and logging-in to each meeting automatically.

The cooperation also covers a ‘Managed Voice’ service which is an integrated solution for various types of communication services where you can easily switch between IM, voice, video and document sharing.

The potential is of this collaboration is huge as cloud services for the business sector will be worth about SEK 10 billion by 2012 according to TeliaSonera and Cisco's estimates.

Our customers are demanding more and more network-based solutions. Together with Cisco, the world's leading telephony provider, we take cloud computing to a whole new level in the Swedish market, "said Mr. Hannervall, head of TeliaSonera Business Services.

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