New micro-trenching method makes it easier and cheaper to deploy fiber

A two cm wide track, plowed from the asphalt is all it takes to deploy fiber using a new method adopted by Skanova.  This is a faster and more cost effective approach to lay fiber without damaging or disrupting existing infrastructure.

In the Nacka Municipality situated just outside Stockholm, Skanova has just tested the micro-trenching technology for fiber deployment.   It is the first time that Skanova, a company wholly owned by TeliaSonera is using this innovative method and the company also amongst the first in Sweden to use it.

Narrow tracks instead of digging large holes

Micro trenchingMicro-trenching creates a shallow groove in the asphalt instead of a large deep hole.   The groove is only 2 cm wide and 30 cm deep as compared to traditional approaches which creates holes of about 60 cm wide and 60 cm deep. Skanova also uses a special kind of micro-tube that fits in the 2 cm wide groove.  Once a groove is created, the micro-tube is pushed in and then backfilled and sealed with cold asphalt.  Fiber cable can then be blown into the tubes and made available to households.

The advantages of micro-trenching are: the process of laying fiber is quicker, costs are lower, the ground does not thaw in the winter, you can drive over the area directly, and importantly, there are no disruptions to traffic.

Other innovative fiber laying methods used by Skanova

Micro-trenching is just one of innovative Fiber Layingmethods used by Skanova. The company also uses:

Direct Burial Micro Duct – where a micro-tube is buried directly into the ground without needing the conduit previously required.  This is because the tubes used have thicker walls that can handle ground pressure. This method reduces number of operations and material costs. Skanova was among the first to start using this method in 2009 and now many other companies have followed suit.

Micro Duct Over Head - this uses thin fiber tubes in existing telephone poles together with copper wires. This method also presents a very cost effective solution.

About Skanova

Skanova is 100% owned by TeliaSonera and is the leading provider of network capacity for today's and tomorrow's end-user services for telecom operators in Sweden.

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