Public policy

Here we’ve gathered TeliaSonera policy papers, position papers and white papers. In these, we explain and outline our position in various issues and topics of importance to the telecom industry, our stakeholders and us as a leading global telecom operator.

Policy papers

Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

All electrical equipment emits a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation when in use. Mobile telephones and mobile systems are no exception. An Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Project Team has been created within TeliaSonera to coordinate EMF related questions. The EMF-Project Team has issued a policy on EMF.

Guiding Principles – Telecommunications Industry Dialogue on Freedom of Expression and Privacy

On March 12, 2013 the Industry Dialogue launched the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue on Freedom of Expression and Privacy Guiding Principles. These principles address the issues of privacy and freedom of expression[i] as they relate to the telecommunications sector, specifically exploring the interaction and boundaries between a government’s duty to protect human rights and the corporate responsibility of telecommunications companies to respect human rights.

Privacy policy

The TeliaSonera privacy policy is to strengthen processes for careful protection of customer privacy and network integrity. The primary objective is to ensure that customers feel confident that TeliaSonera respects and safeguards their privacy. We expect every TeliaSonera employee to follow the policy in day-to-day operations as our way of conducting the business.

Group privacy policy

Supplier Code of Conduct

TeliaSonera has adopted the principles for responsible business conduct as described in the TeliaSonera Code of Ethics and Conduct and we encourage our Suppliers to adhere to similar ethical standards in their operations as we consider this as an important criterion when establishing or continuing our business relations.

The TeliaSonera Group Supplier Code of Conduct defines the conduct we expect from our Suppliers in order to protect human rights as well as respect and promote safe and fair working conditions, the responsible management of environmental issues and high ethical standards along the supply chain.

TeliaSonera Group Supplier Code of Conduct

Group Anti-Corruption Policy

TeliaSonera’s Board of Directors has adopted the principles stated in this group anti-corruption policy. In our day-to-day operations we expect every employee of TeliaSonera to follow this Policy as our way of conducting the business. We also work towards adopting the principles of this Policy in all the operations in which TeliaSonera has ownership interests.

Group Anti-Corruption Policy

Group Policy on sponsorships and donations

The Group Policy on sponsorships and donations defines our own standards for corporate sponsorships and donations the various activities we engage in and who we cooperate with. Our contributions must reflect who we are, our Group values and must be in line with TeliaSonera’s Group Code of Ethics and Conduct and Group Anti-Corruption Policy.

Group Policy on sponsorship and donations

Freedom of expression and privacy

Freedom of expression and privacy are at the core of our business. The Telecommunications Industry Dialogue on Freedom of Expression and Privacy Principles guide us in our on-going work. The TeliaSonera Board of Directors adopted a Freedom of Expression policy with the primary purpose to reduce human rights risks in connection with government surveillance of communications, and to ensure that our customers will feel confident that TeliaSonera will, whenever possible, respect and safeguard their freedom of expression.

Freedom of expression and surveillance

Freedom of expression and privacy Policy

Freedom of expression and privacy policy in Russian

Position papers

Conflict minerals

Tantalum / coltan is one of the materials used in the production of capacitors. Capacitors are used in most electronic devices. Capacitors containing tantalum / coltan may be found, for instance, in mobile phones, laptops, game consoles and portal media players. TeliaSonera is aware of the concerns related to tantalum / coltan originated from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. TeliaSonera will work closely with suppliers, supporting them in addressing the issue.

Standpoint on tantalum / coltan

Illicit file sharing

The commitment to the provision of lawful, competitive and consumer-friendly services, together with respecting intellectual property rights is the most efficient way to counteract illegal file-sharing.  TeliaSonera shares the basic principles for operators’ positions on illegal file-sharing as agreed within the European Industry organisation ETNO.

ETNO main principles


TeliaSonera believes that the Internet should remain open and accessible to all.  As an Internet service provider we allow all content and application services to operate across our networks without engaging in any form of discriminatory blocking or filtering.  At the same time, we will continue to actively participate in combating child sexual abuse images, spam, viruses and denial of service attacks to protect our customers and networks.

Radio spectrum

Radio frequency spectrum is a finite resource of huge economic, societal and cultural value, and provides the basis for important services such as mobile communications and wireless broadband. TeliaSonera’s opinion is that the adoption of a coordinated, regulated and long term approach both nationally and internationally ensures that maximum radio communications can be operated within limited frequency bands without mutual interference.

Position paper on radio spectrum

White papers

Factbook: TeliaSonera in Eurasia

To increase transparency regarding our history, investments, presence, and the ownership structure of our Eurasian operations, we have gathered this information in a Factbook. The Factbook provides a background to how we entered each of the markets and the subsequent changes in ownership to date. It also shows what these businesses look like today, with key facts for each market. The operations in Eurasia represent around one fifth of our total sales in 2012. Business in Eurasia involves challenges, and it requires experience to navigate and do business there. We hope that the Factbook can serve as a basis for an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders.

Factbook: TeliaSonera in Eurasia

Human rights within the international legal framework for telecom operators

The international political and legal framework that exists within the area of human rights – to which TeliaSonera must conform – is multifaceted. Freedom of expression and the privacy of a telecoms operator's customers are essential rights that have a particular bearing on a telecoms operator's business. To contribute to greater knowledge and understanding of how the international legal framework is structured, this document reviews the various types of requirements that national authorities can impose on a telecoms operator; reports on a number of key international political decisions on the protection of human rights; and accounts for provisions in the international telecommunications regulations that may be relevant to freedom of expression and the right to privacy.

Human rights within the international legal framework for telecom operators

The New Generation of Unified Communications and Collaborations - BYOB

 TeliaSonera is a market leader in the Unified Communications and Collaborations space. We see that the market has evolved beyond traditional workplace communications to a more open and converging consumer-business environment. The introduction of iPads, Social media applications like Facebook and Twitter and high speed mobile connectivity anywhere is affecting traditional business models  and enterprise business user behaviours at an unprecedented speed, resulting in radical changes that we expect to see going forwards. This White Paper describes TeliaSonera’s view in the enterprise space on this new generation of Unified Communications and Collaborations and the opportunity for enterprises to increase employee productivity, satisfaction and innovation through promoting Bring Your Own Behaviour - BYOB.

The New Generation of Unified Communications and Collaborations

Cloud services

Cloud ser­vices have yet to take off on a broad scale but there is much potential for markets and growth possibi­lities. TeliaSonera is well positioned to be a leading cloud services provider of both traditional and new services together with our leading technology partners.  We have already stepped into the cloud with many mobile applications and telematics services in the Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as secure data storage and video conferencing and the speedy uptake of such services convinces us of the potential for cloud services regardless of geographical boundaries.

White paper on cloud computing and services in the cloud

The Connected Enterprise

Businesses are going increasingly employee-centric. Consumerisation and new tools and technologies enable seamless, mobile working in ways never experienced before. This new innovation and mobile ways of working does not come without its challenges for enterprises who both want to improve productivity and efficiency but also have to manage work processes and not the least secure data integrity and privacy. Read more in this White Paper together with TeliaSonera and SAP here.

White paper on The Connected Enterprise: Transformation through mobility

The Smart Company

TeliaSonera and Cisco as part of their thought Leadership initiative and go-to-market co-operation in the area of “Business Class Cloud Services” have carried out one of Sweden’s largest enterprise surveys ever which resulted in the Smart Company Index.  The paper provides insight on the index, what defines a Smart Company and potential business opportunities that open up when a company creates new ways of working that encourage innovation, effectiveness and overall economic prosperity.

White paper on the 2012 “Smart Company Index”: Index improves slowly – employees smarter than companies

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